Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is is a social networking site for Indie lovers, be it fans, artists or event organisers.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of is a great place for Indie Artists to market their music to the right kind of audience fans as well as event organisers who play a big role in their up and coming careers in the music industry. Jomgig functions as a virtual stage where the artists can provide and fully control the content of their band page. Here, they can upload songs, videos, pictures and everything they can think of to place their music out there for the world to see and hear.

Jomgig is also a platform where event organisers can create a page for their upcoming events, upload contents and even link the page to the artists involved in the events. This way, they can get more exposure for each event that they host, to the right type of audience. Not only that, fans, or, as we like to call them, 'Jomgiggers', can join in on the action too. Jomgig lets them keep track of their favourite bands by adding them as a fan. This gives them direct access to the artists. They can also network with friends and other fans by adding them to their friends list. Through these features, they get the latest scoop on any gigs or events that may be coming up. Jomgig also allows them to control the content of their personal pages, which means that they are totally free to express themselves and share their thoughts with people who care.

I am facing a problem with one of the features of the website. Who should I contact?

Please e-mail your complaints to if you encounter any problems with our site.

How do I search for my favourite band in here? Why can't I find it?

To find the band you want, click on the 'Artists' tab on the navigation bar. If you know the artist/band's name, then simply type it into the search bar and click on 'Filter List'. You can also filter your search by choosing the genre of the band, if you are not sure of the artist/band's name. Alternatively, you can look through our list of bands/artists until you find the one you are searching for.

If you don't find the band you want, then it is possible that they are not registered under Why not let your favourite band know about us so they can register with us? Then you can follow them on our website.

If I don't have a band or I'm not registered as an artist, can I post videos or songs on

Sorry, we only allow artists or bands to post their own videos and songs up on Normal users are not allowed to post any songs or videos.

Do you organise gigs or events?

Yes, it is part of our future plans. Please stay with us. We will announce our events as soon as we have them planned.