Shaf was just chillin' with his band one day when a lightbulb went on in his brain. He got up and yelled “Indie bands website!” With excitement, ignoring the weird looks he was getting from his band members, he called up Ikhwan and Din and told them the idea. Being Indie fans too, they both agreed with him, and together, the three of them met with their boss, Ling, and told him about it.

Ling thought about it day and night and grew more and more excited by the idea each second. Finally, he told them: "Yes! Let's create such a website! It will be Indie! We will have bands! And fans! And event organisers! And we will make it colourful! And fun!"

Ling brought in Azwan and Zul to programme it and Zurin to help them fill it with words. Together, they filled it with pretty things and applications. Slowly but surely, they laughed and cried through frozen pcs and lost unsaved work, late night meetings and kopi sessions at Pelita. Finally, their baby was born on 22nd June 2009 and they named it: jomgig.com.

if you still don't get the idea of jomgig.com, feel free to email us at mr.a@jomgig.com